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Particularly in the urban context, hydraulic networks for district cooling and heating represent a proven technology, as they are equipped with central energy conversion units. The integration of renewable sources into these central systems is desirable, but technically difficult. While there are a number of field tests attempting to integrate solar thermal generation units, for example, new limiting elements in a joint operation are emerging. Barriers also exist for PV systems, although roof and theoretically also facade surfaces are available in urban areas (PV systems in urban areas are hardly ever related to district heating systems, which leads to a heavy load on the local low-voltage grid). Therefore, the goal must be to develop plant technology as well as digital solutions, which make it possible to realize a local energy management system and thus to integrate more regenerative energy in a multi-energy system for the energetic supply of the property. A digitalized entry and exit point for a flexible energy exchange solves this problem and allows predictive forecasts of the heating and cooling demand in the property. In terms of objectives, the entry and exit point must be designed in such a way that it is linked as far as possible to the energy management system of the building and to the higher-level energy management system of the regional hydraulic network operator. Furthermore, it must be possible to connect various decentralized systems.
These are primarily PV systems, CHP units, fuel cells and heat pumps. Therefore, the research project will focus on the development of an ICT system, which can be used to connect different decentralized energy systems to a rotating ring storage system (5th generation hydraulic network). Finally it will be tested with a system configuration consisting of district heating and PV, where the PV surpluses are used for the local heat generation.


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