Project “TWE-Flex”

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Intend: „Optimisation and flexibilisation of generation systems for drinking water heating“





Short description:

Drinking water heating (DWH) in buildings is predominantly centralised and, for hygienic and functional reasons, systems are required to keep the distribution system warm. In addition to circulation systems, elect. Temperature maintenance bands (TMB) are used. Central heat generation often fulfils a dual function of heating and heat recovery. While proven algorithms are available for the heating due to the correlation to the outdoor temperature, the prediction of the domestic hot water demand is only possible to a limited extent. In the project, a TMB is therefore to be used as a sensor for DWH distribution systems in order to be able to detect the consumption behaviour centrally. For this purpose, an algorithm with AI technologies is to be developed that has predictive characteristics. This is then to be transferred into 2 services. In the energy service, optimisation and flexibility procedures for common generation systems including data transmission for status detection are to be developed. In the second hygienic service, a detection and monitoring option for the systems with regard to the risk of legionella is to be developed. Two interfaces are to be created as functionality. The first interface comprises the heat generator control. The second interface is to address a non-invasive technology that acts on the hot water tank. With this technology, an alternating magnetic field is generated around the storage tank. The technology will be tested using a HiL environment and in a field test. Since the project will act as a satellite project within the thematic network ‘N5GEH’, the use of the developed platform (phase I) for the planned services will take place. For this purpose, coordination on interfaces and a reflection of the generally valid services to be developed must be carried out. During the project, a constant technical and structural exchange with the service project is necessary.


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