Project “DigiHeat”


Intend: „Digitalised heat plant for a more efficient urban district heating supply“





Short description: The DigiHeat project focuses on approaches for the targeted and efficiency-enhancing use of technologies for data transmission and processing in the district heating sector. It combines concrete digitalisation measures of the three participating municipal utilities Gießen, Marburg and Hanau with the development and practical testing of the innovative concept of a “digitalised heat and power plant”. In this case, the ICT system architecture of the “virtual power plant”, which is already widely used in the electricity sector, is applied to district heating systems.


Problem definition in the DigiHeat project
General problem addressed by the DigiHeat

The targeted and efficient use of communication technologies and data transmission standards should lead to a district heating system with heat generation, distribution and consumption being operated as efficiently as possible in the sense of a “digitalised heat and power plant”. This bundle of measures will be implemented and tested exemplarily at the three participating municipal utilities in order to be able to translate the scientific results directly into practical experience.

DigiHeat is thus a concrete implementation project for medium-sized municipal utilities with different organisational structures but identical challenges in the field of digitalisation. By processing and actively transferring the project results to the district heating sector, DigiHeat has a high multiplication potential.


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