Project “BOOSTER”


Intend: „IoT-Based Operational Optimization for SusTainable EneRgy systems“





Short description: For the most climate-friendly operation of buildings and neighborhoods, the consolidation of operating data plays a decisive role. This is the only way to implement a holistic and systemic approach to the energy and heat transition. Instead of or in addition to the classic I&C installation, solutions from the IoT/cloud world are increasingly being used. The services offered range from data visualization to advanced data analysis techniques. However, customers are mostly bound to the specific services and prices of the providers. The possibility of a free choice of cloud solution and service provider almost never exists. In addition, the challenge – especially for existing buildings – is to bring together different sensor types and transmission technologies and to transfer them into a secure and standardized data collection in order to subsequently process them further and operate them optimally through different services. Depending on the provider, IoT platforms support specific interfaces, data formats and communication protocols, offer dedicated services and focus on individual sub-areas.

The goal of BOOSTER as an N5GEH satellite project is to further develop the N5GEH service platform so that it can be used as an IoT property platform. To this end, the use of the platform is to be demonstrated at a property, the Neckarspinnerei, in cooperation with HOS Projektentwicklung GmbH as an associated partner. For this purpose, IoT service-based operational optimizations are to be developed in the context of this property and brought to a level of maturity that is marketable and enables the technology and its savings potential to be disseminated in the real estate sector. The Neckarspinnerei is a mixed-use neighborhood with residential, work, gastronomy, retail and cultural uses. As a result, the project results are widely transferable and applicable to diverse building ensembles.


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