The scientists from the fields of telecommunication, mechanical and electrical engineering of TU Dresden and RWTH Aachen decided on 1 May to join their forces and expertise and embarked on the joint project “National 5G Energy Hub”. They will work together with selected industry partners for the next two years to apply 5G standard in the energy sector, especially in the field of energy supply to buildings.

The upcoming fifth generation of the wireless communication will connect 500 billion devices to the internet in real time. Unlike the earlier generations of the wireless communication that have been mainly designed to satisfy the communication needs of people, the 5G will focus on the communication between a man and a machine, and between machines themselves. This new communication capabilities will enable new, better tailored solutions in the field of monitoring, measurement and control.

This development will have a strong influence on the energy supply and generally on the whole building sector and is expected to be a pivotal moment for the success of the German Energiewende. The introduction of 5G standard will result over the next ten years in the replacement of many cable based, rigid communication pathways, between the central units and networks, with a wireless communication platform. This in turn will make feasible a decentralised energy supply grid of the future with dominant role played by renewable energy suppliers.