Maliheh Haghgoo, M.Sc.

Maliheh Haghgoo, M.Sc.

RWTH Aachen

former Contributor of N5GEH


Phone: +49 241 80 49587


Field of activity

Maliheh Haghgoo is mainly working on Information and Communication Technologies in energy sector . In this context cloud based platform solution is the main idea to have a scalable and flexible platform architecture beside HPC research topics. A special focus lies on open source platform architecture and optimize demand response.


Maliheh Haghgoo got M.Sc. in field of Software System Engineering at RWTH Aachen University with focus on HPC , AI and VR . During her studies she worked in the fields of interaction in fully immersive virtual environments and algorithem for agent based modeling of the system. After graduation in 2017 she joined the Institute for Automation of Complex Power System (ACS) as a research associate.